Woman who claimed to be Harry Potter charged with death of judge after hit-and-run

A US woman who claimed she was Harry Potter has been charged with “vehicular homicide” after she allegedly killed a judge and injured a six-year-old boy after swerving her car onto a pavement.

According to court records, witnesses claimed Nastasia Snape, 23, had been driving erratically through Boca Raton, a town in Florida’s Palm Beach, before mounting the pavement and fatally hitting 75-year-old federal judge Sandra Feuerstein.

As she drove back onto the road again, reports say she then hit the boy on a pedestrian crossing, seriously injuring him.

Police say Snape then fled into neighbouring Delray Beach, where she crashed her car.

A Delray police officer said Snape appeared to be having convulsions, but was able to get out of the car and in an ambulance where she began “screaming and fighting with medics while yelling she was Harry Potter”.

She is now in custody.

In the Harry Potter novels, there is a character named Snape.

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Judge Feuerstein was appointed to the federal bench by President George W Bush after 16 years as a New York state judge.

In a statement, Eugene Corcoran, the Eastern Court District’s executive, said Judge Feuerstein’s “eccentric style and warm personality lit up the courtroom”, adding: “She will be missed by her colleagues and litigants alike.”

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