White House tries to block book release until ‘classified’ parts deleted

The White House is claiming that “significant amounts of classified information” in John Bolton’s new book must be removed before it can be published.

A letter from the National Security Council (NSC) to Mr Bolton’s lawyer, Charles Cooper, said some of the material in the manuscript was believed to be top secret and needs to be deleted before it can hit the shops.

Donald Trump’s ex-national security adviser wrote in the manuscript that the president told him he wanted to freeze $391m (£300m) in security aid to Ukraine until Kiev investigated Democratic political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter, according to The New York Times.

Donald Trump says certain witnesses for the impeachment trial would pose a national security threat
Image:A reported conversation between Mr Trump and Mr Bolton contradicts the president’s defence in his impeachment trial

The reported conversation between Mr Trump and Mr Bolton contradicts the Republican president’s defence in his current impeachment trial.

Democrats see Mr Bolton as a key figure who could help them with their case against the president and they want to call Mr Bolton and several other officials to testify in the Senate trial.

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