White House officials tried to freeze Ukraine aid after Trump call

A senior White House official told the Pentagon to “hold off” on Ukrainian aid just 91 minutes after Donald Trump asked the country’s president to investigate Joe Biden.

The emails, obtained by The Centre for Public Integrity, shows Michael Duffey, a member of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), told the US Department of Defence to wait because a review of aid was planned.

The email stated: “Based on guidance I have received and in light of the Administration’s plan to review assistance to Ukraine, including the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), please hold off on any additional DoD obligations of these funds.”

Donald Trump becomes third US president to be impeached

Donald Trump becomes third US president to be impeached

Stopping the aid may have broken a law called the Impoundment Control Act, which was designed to stop presidents ignoring the will of the Congress.

It would mean an attempt to prevent approved aid reaching Ukraine could be illegal, because Congress would have to approve any changes in how funding was spent.

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