US urges UK to reverse Huawei decision – but EU has more bad news for Trump

The US secretary of state has said that US information should only pass through trusted networks.

Mr Pompeo, who is due to meet the UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Wednesday, said there was “a chance for the United Kingdom to relook at this [decision] as implementation moves forward”.

“We will make sure that when American information passes across a network we are confident that that network is a trusted one, ” he added.

5g explained

Explained: Why 5G and Huawei matter

The British government has stated that Huawei equipment will not be used at all within networks used to transmit sensitive information or near sensitive sites such as power stations.

Mr Pompeo’s comments came after a further embarrassment to the American lobbying effort as security guidelines published by the European Commission followed the British decision on Tuesday in allowing Huawei to help build high-speed 5G networks.

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