US paramedic ‘killed his wife with eye drops’

A paramedic in the US is accused of using eye drops to kill his wife.

Joshua Lee Hunsucker, 35, faces charges of first-degree murder over the death of mother-of-two and school worker Stacy Robinson in North Carolina.

Prosecutors said Ms Robinson’s body contained a suspicious amount of an ingredient found in eye drops that can cause heart failure, according to WCNC.

Stacy Robinson, who died in September 2018. Her husband is accused of using eye drops to kill her
Image:Stacy Robinson died in September 2018

She died on 23 September 2018, but her mother later claimed Mr Hunsucker had committed insurance fraud by receiving payouts worth $250,000.

He had not allowed an autopsy before Ms Robinson’s cremation, but a blood sample had been preserved because of her wish to make an organ donation, the Shelby Star reported.

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