US ‘optimistic’ about trade deal with Britain in 2020

The United States wants to do a trade deal with Britain this year and is prepared to “dedicate a lot of resources” to it, its treasury secretary has said during a trip to London.

Steven Mnuchin said he was “quite optimistic” about striking an agreement during 2020 as he took questions at Chatham House.

Because the UK and US have “similar economies with a big focus on services”, he said any resulting deal could be the start of a “very important relationship”.

Sajid Javid
Image:Sajid Javid intends to bring in a tax on tech giants

He told an audience at the foreign affairs think-tank: “We’ve said that our goal – your goal – is trying to get (this) trade agreement done this year, and I think from a US standpoint we are prepared to dedicate a lot of resources.”

Britain has already indicated it intends to conduct parallel negotiations with Brussels and Washington after it formally leaves the EU at the end of January.

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