Trump trial: Here’s what happened on the first day

Here is what happened on day one of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

In a sentence:

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began in the Unites States Senate.

In a paragraph:

Tuesday was about deciding how this trial will happen. The Democrats and the White House will each have 24 hours across three days to present their cases. Republicans voted down the Democrats’ attempts to include new documents in the trial that could shed light on the President’s conduct.

In 100 words:

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell laid out his vision for the trial’s length and format. McConnell had initially said Democrats and the White House would each have two days each to present their opening arguments. But he gave them both an extra day as a concession to moderate Republicans who don’t want this trial to appear rushed.

Democrats want to call witnesses who could have damaging information on the President. “Don’t be blind to the evidence,” said top Democrat Adam Schiff. But Senators won’t be able to vote on witnesses until after opening arguments.

The Senate voted against Democrat motions to demand the White House and State Department release key documents.

The main evidence starts today.

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