Trump signs law backing Hong Kong protesters

Donald Trump has signed into law legislation effectively backing civil rights protesters in Hong Kong.

The bill is bound to antagonise Beijing at a time when the president is trying to end a trade war with China.

It requires the State Department to certify, at least annually, that Hong Kong retains enough autonomy to justify favourable US trading terms. It also threatens sanctions for human rights violations.

A second bill banning the export of teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and stun guns to the Hong Kong police was also signed by President Trump.

In statement he said: “I signed these bills out of respect for President Xi, China, and the people of Hong Kong. They are being enacted in the hope that Leaders and Representatives of China and Hong Kong will be able to amicably settle their differences leading to long term peace and prosperity for all.”

Mark Gibson

Graduates in Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 1990. Move to Los Angeles California in 2004. Specialized in Internet journalism.

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