Suspicious vehicle tries to enter White House complex

A suspect has been detained after an unauthorised vehicle tried to enter the White House complex, the US secret service said.

The vehicle had been tailing another vehicle “lawfully entering at an external complex checkpoint”.

The service tweeted that it was responding to a suspicious vehicle near the White House and that roads in the area, including a portion of Pennsylvania Avenue, were closed.

An unauthorized vehicle attempted to gain entry to the White House complex by following another vehicle that was lawfully entering at an external complex checkpoint.

The vehicle was stopped and the individual was immediately taken into custody by Secret Service U.D. Officers.

— U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) November 21, 2019

A picture and video from the scene near the White House and Lafayette Square shows a black Mercedes-Benz SUV surrounded by luggage and what appears to be piles of colourful material.

Police were seen searching the car and local TV station Fox 5 said secret service agents had also searched it.

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