Revealed: New York’s death rate highest among comparable regions

New York has the highest death rate from coronavirus when analysed against comparable regions around the world, Sky News can reveal.

Sky News analysis looked at most affected regions in countries with the highest number of deaths including Italy, Spain, France, UK and China.

The chart above illustrates the exponential deaths from COVID-19.

Spain’s Catalonia and Madrid regions were seeing the second and third highest number of deaths, according to data sourced from the country’s ministry of health.

Coronavirus: Can we trust the data?

Coronavirus: Can we trust the data?

At the current rate, both regions will see their total death toll double over the next eight to 10 days.

The Lombardy region in Italy, the country with the highest death toll in the world from coronavirus currently, over the past three days has marginally overtaken Madrid in the rate of new deaths.

At the time of this report, the number of people dying from coronavirus in London doubles every five days with the Midlands following an identical trajectory.

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The Sky News analysis looked at regions in countries worst hit by COVID-19 starting from the day of the 50th fatality for at least seven consecutive days.

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Other regions considered in our analysis includes Emilia-Romagna in Italy and Ticiano, the Italian-speaking region of southern Switzerland.

New Jersey, the second worst hit state in the US, has also become a region with one of the highest coronavirus fatality rates in the world after United States became the new epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Donald Trump earlier warned that the US will reach a “horrific point” in terms of death rates after one of the country’s top doctors said the nation should brace for levels of tragedy reminiscent of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks.

It comes as nearly half the world’s population is under some form restriction as governments try to stop the spread of coronavirus and “flatten the curve” seen in the graphs above.

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