Reporters camp out to get inside courtroom for Weinstein trial

It’s 6.30am and the temperature outside the New York Criminal Court is -2C.

Around 60 reporters are in a line, trying to make sure they get a seat inside the courtroom on the 15th floor, where Harvey Weinstein is on trial for rape and sexual assault.

Some have been here since 4am. The doors of the court building open at 8am.

Harvey Weinstein is on trial facing charges of sexual misconduct
Image:Harvey Weinstein is on trial facing charges of sexual misconduct

We shuffle our way forward, waiting for security to scan our bags and equipment. Then it’s a dash for the elevators and a race to make sure you’re not overtaken by anyone else if your lift stops at an earlier floor.

Another queue forms outside courtroom 99. You try to count where you are in the line but can’t quite see the start of the queue to be absolutely sure.

Mark Gibson

Graduates in Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 1990. Move to Los Angeles California in 2004. Specialized in Internet journalism.

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