Pork fat: the new superfood?

With ‘superfood’ as one of the most overused words of the decade, it’s no surprise that almost all consumers have caught onto the widespread obsession with avocado toasts and acai bowls.

Gluten-phobia notwithstanding, the world of nutrition can be a confusing one, which is why we’re eternally thankful to the smart science types who crunch the numbers while we crunch our granola.

research published in the journal PLOS One, scientists analyzed 1000 raw foods and collected data about their nutritional content. After doing so, researchers assigned each food a numeric score, based on its ability to meet a person’s daily nutritional needs.

The resulting Top 100 were then collated by the BBC and ranked.

The results: a surprise.

While foods such as spinach, chia seeds and kale were not shocking anyone with their appearance on the list, some of the highest-ranking foods will be sure to cause some questioning by your local health Instagram blogger.

Ranking number eight in the Top 100, with a nutritional score of 73 was pork fat. Yes, the juicy, fatty pork belly that you crave as your guilty pleasure. The only food derived from red meat to make it in the top 100, pork fat is labeled as being high in vitamin B and minerals while being unsaturated and healthier than lamb or beef fat.

But of course, the obvious winner. 

Taking out the competition with almost a perfect nutritional score of 97 was the humble almond. Turns out that recommendation of a handful of almonds as the perfect snack to munch on is true, when it comes to mono-unsaturated fatty acids. This little nut promotes cardiovascular health and may prevent diabetes– which is a pretty impressive feat for such a tiny bite.

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  • February 13, 2019 at 6:38 am

    Excellent article, Greg. Good news for me – I love bacon and almonds!


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