‘Patriots inside, baby’: Moment Republican politician joined mob storming into Capitol

A newly-elected West Virginia politician was part of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol.

Derrick Evans, yelled: “Patriots inside, baby!” as he filmed himself joining the crowd that burst through the doors of the US parliament.

Evans, a new member of West Virginia’s House of Delegates, was livestreaming on Facebook as he and other protesters pushed their way into one entrance carrying Trump flags and signs.

The footage shows the Republican, wearing a helmet and military-style clothing, cheering as the group ahead of him ripped back the door.

“We’re in, we’re in, we’re in, let’s go, keep it moving, baby!” he cheered, as they inched forward through the doors.

Fallout as FBI hunt those who stormed Capitol – follow live updates

Pro-Trump protesters storm the U.S. Capitol during the rally
Image:Pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building

Others could be heard yelling, “push! push!” as the group flooded past two Capitol Police officers.

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Police have now regained control of the US Capitol after supporters of outgoing president Donald Trump broke in during the confirmation of US president-elect Joe Biden’s victory in November’s election – a fortnight before his inauguration ceremony.

One woman was shot dead and explosive devices were found. Three other people died of “medical emergencies”.

At one point in his video, Mr Evans appears to hesitate and tells members of the group not to damage anything, saying: “This is our house and we respect it.”

He later deleted the video from his Facebook page, but it was re-uploaded on to several other social media platforms.

President Trump has today said he will facilitate an “orderly transition” to a Biden presidency – but he continues to dispute the election result.

Sky News has attempted to contact Mr Evans, the West Virginia Republican party and the Republican Party itself for comment on the video.

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