Navy Seals investigate video of ‘dog attack’ on man in Kaepernick shirt

The US Navy Seals are investigating after a man wearing a Colin Kaepernick shirt was attacked by dogs during a demonstration at a museum.

A video shows the man in protective clothing – and a jersey with the American football player’s name on – being set upon by four dogs as a crowd watches and someone commentates.

Kaepernick became a controversial figure for some when he began taking the knee during the US national anthem in 2016 to protest against police brutality and racism.

In a second video, the same man appears to say “oh man, I’ll stand” as he is detained in another military roleplay.

In another video, after “Navy SEALs and Navy SEAL dogs take down Colin Kaepernick for not standing during National Anthem,” he moans something like, “Oh man, I will stand” #BecauseFlorida

— Billy Corben (@BillyCorben) August 2, 2020

The Seals’ official Twitter account said the video was originally posted last year and it had only just become aware of it.

“The inherent message of this video is completely inconsistent with the values and ethos of Naval Special Warfare and the US Navy,” it posted.

“We are investigating the matter fully, and initial indications are that there were no active duty Navy personnel or equipment involved with this independent organisation’s event.”

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The museum is in Fort Pierce, Florida, and says it is “the only museum dedicated solely to preserving the history of the US Navy SEALs and their predecessors”.

It is not run by the US Navy or government, however many retired Seals are listed on its board of directors and the museum says its achieved “national stature” in 2007.

The museum has so far not commented on the videos.

The US Navy Seals is one of the world’s most elite and well-known special forces, conducting secret missions all over the world alongside the likes of Britain’s SAS.

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