NASA films Mercury as it passes between Earth and the sun

NASA has published a film showing Mercury transiting the sun – passing between it and the Earth.

The video shows the silhouetted planet – which is the smallest in the solar system, and the closest to the sun – passing across the face of it.

The last time Mercury passed between the Earth and the sun was on 9 May 2016, and the next won’t be until 13 November 2032.

There’s a little black spot on the Sun today… 🎶

Experience today’s Mercury transit through one of NASA’s eyes on the Sun, the Solar Dynamics Observatory:

— NASA Goddard (@NASAGoddard) November 11, 2019

The first time a transit was ever observed was on 7 November 1631, although one of the fathers of modern astronomy Johannes Kepler predicted the existence of these transits before.

Astronomers consider the transits to be important for two special developments in astronomy.

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