Musk’s court victory could set ‘dark’ precedent

When Vernon Unsworth emerged from a lengthy post-verdict huddle with his lawyers, the look on his face was one of shell shock.

A trial that reached its crescendo with his lawyers calling for $190m in compensation had gone rapidly downhill for the British caving expert.

It took the jury just an hour to dismiss Mr Unsworth’s defamation claim and hand a legal victory to the billionaire Elon Musk.

As the boss of Tesla and SpaceX bounced from court, telling reporters his faith in humanity had been restored, Mr Unsworth made a funereal walk to face the cameras.

Vernon Unsworth
Image:Mr Unsworth (middle) took on ‘Goliath’ but looked shell shocked by the outcome

He and his lawyers managed to re-frame the defeat as a victory of sorts: He had come to answer Musk’s “if you don’t sue, it must be true” dare and proved to the world he was not a paedophile.

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