Most impeachment watchers have already made up their minds

Impeachment inquiries upset the unity of a nation, disrupt a very fragile equilibrium and can prise it apart with the unforgiving sharpness of a machete.

It’s likely this won’t be any different. Perhaps the only distinction this time is that there’s perhaps even less stability to start with.

Democrats are fully committed to pursuing the process though, however great the political risk of having sparked yet another probe in a probe weary nation. Today their strategy was clear: focus on the July call, what was said and what those listening in thought. Republicans by contrast, focused on everything else – the whistleblower, disloyalty and leaking.

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Top aides air fears over Trump’s Ukraine call

Intriguingly, as they spoke, a new Politico/Morning consult poll said opposition to the inquiry had jumped 10 points since last week – from 47 to 37. However vindicated Democrats may have felt last week, it seems those in the middle not the outside, may be losing patience.

In the line, I met a few gleeful-looking observers. One told me he’s an “impeachment tourist”. He was wearing a smile that suggested a hint of pride. He and others waiting to get a peek seemed excited to witness history. And yet they won’t be working on any heavy theses. Most appeared to have already made up their minds. Fred from Chicago talked in slightly bizarre culinary terms about the “squid ink stain on truth”. God Bless America. It never falls short on punchy, surprising soundbites.

Mark Gibson

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