Mormons flee Mexico after ‘massacre’ by drug cartels

US Mormons who re-settled in Mexico are fleeing the country after a “massacre” by drug cartels that left nine women and children dead.

Around 100 members of the religious community packed up their belongings and are travelling north in an 18-vehicle caravan, with more expected to follow.

They are leaving the site their ancestors settled in nearly 70 years ago after an ambush on the LeBaron Mormon family.

Three cars were shot at and one was set on fire, survivors said, as they travelled along a dirt road in northern Mexico earlier this week.

A person observes framed photographs of Rhonita Maria Miller and her four children, members of the Mexican-American Mormon community killed by unknown assailants, before her funeral in La Mora, in La Mora, Sonora state, Mexico November 7, 2019. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez
Image:Injured children were shot by the attackers

Family member Julian LeBaron described the attack as a “massacre”, saying some of those targeted were burnt alive.

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