Moment woman kidnapped and beaten caught on CCTV

Footage has emerged of the moment a woman was beaten and kidnapped as police in Las Vegas frantically attempt to trace her.

The clip shows a white woman running from a car up to the front door of a home, which she bangs on and screams for help.

A black man runs up behind her, throws her on the floor and kicks her. After a brief struggle, the man, wearing a black and white striped top and dark trousers, hauls the woman up by her hair and marches her towards the car.

Police were called on New Year’s Day to the property on Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas after the owner of the home noticed the footage captured on the home surveillance camera.

The device recorded the incident at around 12.50am.

Mark Gibson

Graduates in Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 1990. Move to Los Angeles California in 2004. Specialized in Internet journalism.

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