Man wins $1m lottery prize twice in one day with the same numbers

A Colorado man won two $1m (£800,000) lottery prizes with the same numbers in one day.

Identified by the Colorado Lottery as Joe B, he bought a few tickets in the morning on 25 March, and a few more at night, the agency said in a news release.

Two of his plays, with numbers Joe B often uses, ended up winners, and he claimed his two Powerball jackpot prizes on Friday.

He was able to pick up his prize money at a drive-through claims office that Colorado’s lottery now uses for winning tickets worth $10,000 (£8,000) or more amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Winners must make an appointment to claim their prize, or do so through the mail.

When Joe was asked about what he will do with the money, he said: “The boss has plans for it.”

This story was originally written for NBC News and can be foundhere.

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