Just six states are left to be called. Who is in the lead: Biden or Trump?

When a global pandemic led to postal votes becoming the backbone of this presidential election, no one could have imagined just how crucial they would be.

With several states still to be called for either candidate, the uncounted votes in each could make the difference between a Trump or Biden White House.

This table shows the number of votes left in each still to be counted in key states – and in some instances the margins are crucial.

In Pennsylvania – always touted as the state that might alone clinch the result for one candidate or the other – statistics show that Donald Trump has a current lead of around 135,000 votes.

However, in spite of there only being about 11% of votes left to count, these tally up to a total of more than 750,000 which leaves a good chance for Joe Biden to flip the state.

And with 20 Electoral College votes up for grabs, the ballots left as yet unopened or still sitting in post boxes, really could make a difference there, as well as to the final total.

The scope for a result change in these crucial uncounted ballots is huge.

Joe Biden’s path to 270 Electoral College votes

The Democrat could be victorious if he wins Nevada(6) and Arizona(11) – putting him on 270 – even if he does not win the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Traditionally a Republican state, Arizona looks like it could flip for just the second time since 1952.

Crucial swing states Mr Biden hoped to flip like Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina have gone down to the wire, remaining too close to call.

Mr Biden’s campaign said they expected to win Nevada and Pennsylvania, out of those states where a result has still yet to be found.

Donald Trump’s path to 270 Electoral College votes

The president’s path to power looks tighter.

He could get to 268 votes if he wins Alaska(3), which is safe Republican, and the three swing states of Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15) and Georgia(16).

He holds the lead in Georgia, where the result has been delayed by a burst water pipe in Fulton County (no ballots were damaged), and is expected to win North Carolina, but does still need to win in Pennsylvania.

He would also have to pick up Nevada or Arizona, which are leaning towards Mr Biden at the moment, but still far too close to call.

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