Johnny Depp and Amber Heard set to face each other once again – and this time it’s on camera

As tales of drugs binges, trashed properties, and even a severed finger and bloody messages written on walls came out at the High Court during the summer of 2020, it was hard to imagine why Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp had chosen to put his reputation through libel proceedings.

The details that came out during what was described as the “trial of the century” would no doubt have been highly damaging to Depp‘s career, even if he had won. As it turned out, he lost; the judge arguably sounding the death knell when he concluded that a Sun newspaper headline calling the actor a “wife-beater” was “substantially true”.

Mark Gibson

Graduates in Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 1990. Move to Los Angeles California in 2004. Specialized in Internet journalism.

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