It’s payback time: Trump’s revenge on impeachment tormentors

Donald Trump made “You’re fired” his catchphrase as a reality TV star and must have been dying to use it throughout his impeachment ordeal.

He has emerged from it he believes vindicated and his approval ratings are going up. But he seems in no mood to be gracious in victory.

This week we have seen him use a prayer breakfast in Washington to crow about his Senate victory and heap scorn on his detractors.

He has launched long rambling denunciations of his tormentors and by the end of the week was beginning to take revenge on key figures in his impeachment.

Donald Trump reflects on some of his toughest moments as president

Trump hits out at ‘liars and leakers’

Gordon Sondland donated a million dollars to the Trump campaign and was made ambassador to the European Union. His testimony, that everyone was in on the president’s alleged abuse of power, was a key moment.

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