Hong Kong protesters celebrate Trump support

Protesters in Hong Kong are celebrating after Donald Trump signed legislation that effectively backs their civil rights.

Crowds of several thousand pro-democracy activists waved the US national flag in Hong Kong’s central district on Thursday, while others held up signs thanking the US president.

The jubilant scenes came as China’s government promised to retaliate after Mr Trump signed the legislation.

Protests in Hong Kong
Image:Protesters wave the US flag on the streets of Hong Kong
Protesters, some masked, wave the US national flag in gratitude to Donald Trump
Protests in Hong Kong

A statement from the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs warned it would respond with “firm counter measures”, adding that the US must bear the consequences if it continues “going down the wrong path”.

The ministry also said that America’s actions “further expose the malicious and hegemonic nature of US intentions to the Chinese people,” and that the country’s actions are “bound to fail”.

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