Gunfire heard as protesters storm US embassy in Baghdad

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters have broken down the gate of the US embassy in Baghdad in an attempt to storm the compound – an attack Donald Trump has claimed was orchestrated by Iran.

Crowds had been gathering outside the entrance to the site for hours over controversial American airstrikes that killed more than two-dozen fighters from an Iran-backed militia over the weekend.

Gunfire has been heard and there are reports of tear gas, with Reuters news agency saying 12 people involved in the protests have been injured.

A fire has broken out at the scene of the protests
Image:Fires broke out as crowds attempt to storm the embassy
Smoke rises as crowds attempt to storm the US embassy in Baghdad

Several US soldiers were seen on the roof of the main building, but Reuters reported that US embassy staff and the US ambassador were not inside at the time.

They are understood to have been evacuated before the gate was broken down, with protesters having pelted the entrance with stones as they chanted: “No, no America! No, no Trump!”

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