Family’s plea as post-mortem says George Floyd’s death was homicide

The family of George Floyd have urged people to go out and vote rather than turn to violence following his death, saying “let’s do this another way”.

Demanding justice for his brother, Terrence Floyd told a crowd at a makeshift memorial that the riots of the past few days across America “will not bring my brother back”.

And he pleaded: “Stop thinking your voice don’t matter, and vote.”

Who was George Floyd? The 'gentle giant' who was trying to turn his life around

Who was George Floyd? The ‘gentle giant’ who was trying to turn his life around

Saying people should not restrict themselves to voting for who they thought should be president, he urged citizens to vote in all elections.

“Educate yourself, don’t wait for somebody else to tell you who’s who. Know who you’re voting for.

“That’s how we’re gonna hit them. There’s a lot of us… and we’re still gonna do this peacefully.”

Chanting “peace on the left, justice on the right”, the crowd present cheered Mr Floyd.

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Protests have taken place across the US following the death of George Floyd after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, while Mr Floyd told him: “I can’t breathe.”

And while anger has turned to violence in some parts of the country, the 46-year-old’s brother urged demonstrators to use peaceful and democratic means of bringing change.

Saying he was “not over here blowing up stuff”, Terrence Floyd said: “Ya’ll doing nothing because that’s not gonna bring my brother back at all.

“It may feel good for the moment – just like when you drink – but when you are done, you’re going to wonder what did you do.

“My family is a peaceful family, my family is God-fearing.

Sky's Becky Cotterill spent the evening in the city where George Floyd was killed as people took to the streets in anger

Sky’s Becky Cotterill spent the evening in the city where George Floyd was killed as people took to the streets in anger

“Yeah we’re upset but we’re not going to be repetitious. In every case of police brutality, the same thing has been happening.

“Y’all protest, y’all destroy stuff. And you know why they don’t move? Because it’s not their stuff, it’s our stuff.

“So they want us to destroy our stuff.

“So let’s do this another way. Let’s do this another way.”

It came shortly after it emerged Donald Trump had told state governors they must “dominate” and “put people in jail for 10 years” amid the ongoing protests.

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