Ex-US diplomat a reluctant ‘hero’ in Trump impeachment inquiry

Marie Yovanovitch has been insulted by President Trump before, but perhaps even she wasn’t expecting more attacks to feature in real time during her public testimony on Capitol Hill.

As she was testifying, Donald Trump tweeted that everywhere the career ambassador went “turned bad”.

The leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, decided to share it with her and ask her was she thought.

US president Donald Trump railed against the impeachment proceedings, calling the proceedings 'a disgrace'
Image:Donald Trump has railed against the impeachment proceedings, calling them ‘a disgrace’

We already knew how devastating she found being called “bad news” in that now infamous July phone call between President Trump and President Volodomyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine – and how threatened she felt by his ominous warning that she would “go through some things”.

So what was her response to this latest attack? Appearing visibly upset she said she did not possess “such powers” to turn things bad and that she believed she had in fact done good in the countries where she’d served.

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