Breaking Bad in real life? Chemistry professors accused of making meth

Two chemistry professors in the US have been arrested on suspicion of making meth – a story similar to the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

In an apparent case of life imitating art, Terry D Bateman, 45, and Bradley A Rowland, 40, both chemistry professors at Henderson State University in Arkansas, were charged with making the drug methamphetamine.

In Breaking Bad, chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, takes to manufacturing the drug in order to pay for cancer treatment, which leads to a life of crime.

Rowland and Bateman have been accused of making meth in their university laboratory. Pic: Clark County Sheriff's Office)
Image:Bradley A Rowland (left) and Terry D Bateman risk 20 years in jail. Pic: Clark County Sheriff’s Office

The pair were taken to jail on Friday, but it wasn’t clear if they have since been released.

A statement from the police in Arkansas said: “Bateman and Rowland were the subject of an investigation originating with Henderson State University Chief of Police.”

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