Boeing spacecraft returns after wrongly set clock shortens mission

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has landed safely back on earth after an incorrectly set clock meant a planned docking with the International Space Station (ISS) had to be abandoned.

The unmanned capsule came down at the White Sands Missile Range in the New Mexico desert – a trio of red, white and blue parachutes and airbags easing the impact.

“We pinpoint landed it,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, after a two-day test flight that was meant to last a week.

A tent is placed over the Starliner. Pic: NASA TV
Image:A tent is placed over the Starliner. Pic: NASA TV

Holiday presents, clothes and food that should have been delivered to the six crew members on the space station came back with it.

Nevertheless, Boeing flight director Richard Jones described the mission – which was a test run for a future manned trip – as a “huge success”.

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