At least 70 people killed in ‘one of largest tornado outbreaks in US history’

Up to 100 people may have been killed as tornadoes and storms hit several US states, toppling buildings and trapping people inside.

Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear said the state had “experienced some of the worst tornado damage we’ve seen in a long time.”

He said: “We believe our death toll from this event will exceed 50 Kentuckians and probably end up closer to 70 or 100 lost lives.”

Emergency crews at work following the devastation in Kentucky
Image:Emergency crews at work following the devastation in Kentucky

This is the Outskirts of Mayfield, KY. Hard to make a path in to downtown because roads are impassable with the amount of debris in the road

— Brandon Lane (@INstormchasing) December 11, 2021

Mr Beshear said four tornadoes had torn through the state.

He said the community of Mayfield had been devastated, with a roof collapse at a candle factory resulting in “mass casualties”.

Almost 60,000 people had been left without power, he added.

Mr Beshear said he had also declared a state of emergency.

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“It’s been one of the toughest nights in Kentucky’s history,” he said.

Before/After of Graves County Courthouse in Mayfield, KY.

— Scott McClellan (@ALAWXChase) December 11, 2021

Debris lies across a road in Missouri
Image:Debris lies across a road in Missouri

Elsewhere, at least five people were confirmed to have died, and fatalities were confirmed at an Amazon warehouse after the roof collapsed.

Damage to a nursing home in Arkansas
Image:Damage to a nursing home in Arkansas
Emergency workers in Missouri
Image:Emergency workers in Missouri
Damage following the severe weather in Missouri
Image:Damage following the severe weather in Missouri

Three people died in Tennessee, while one person died and several were injured when an apparent tornado hit a nursing home in Arkansas, and at least one fatality has been reported in Missouri.

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