Another monolith found – this time in El Paso, Texas

The latest in the series of monoliths found around the world has appeared in El Paso, Texas.

The structure appeared in a car park near The Substation, a food, shopping and entertainment complex on the west side in El Paso’s Upper Valley, local media said.

Video from a livestream posted on Twitter appeared to show the monolith emitting a hollow sound when struck, suggesting it was light in weight, or, as described in the video, “not sturdy at all”.

The monolith sounds hollow as hell really light easy to tip over and move

— Unelectable Airwaves Podcast 🌹 🔮 (@UnelectableA) December 8, 2020

Soon after it was discovered, residents arrived to take it away in a truck, video of its removal being published on social media.

Since the first of the so-called monoliths came to light last month in the Utah desert, others have appeared on a hill in Romania, on top of a mountainin California, on the Isle of Wight and in Belgium.

Others have popped up in Spain, Germany and a gold one in Colombia since the first monolith was found in the US.

Pic: Tom Dunford
Image:The Isle of Wight monolith. Pic: Tom Dunford

Several of them have disappeared a matter of days after they were found.

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Like most of the others, the El Paso monolith was a shiny metal structure bearing a resemblance to the one that features in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The monolith has appeared in Romania. Pic: Ziar Piatra Neamt
Image:The monolith has appeared in Romania. Pic: Ziar Piatra Neamt

The first monolith reported in Utah was originally spotted by state wildlife officials who were helping to count bighorn sheep from a Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter.

The 10-12 feet (3-3.6-metre) structure was discovered in the ground and tucked into a red rock cove, sparking speculation about how it had come to be there and attracting the attention of conspiracy theorists.

Metal monolith found in Utah. Pic: Utah Department of Public Safety
Image:The first monolith was found in Utah. Pic: Utah Department of Public Safety

But days later, the Utah Bureau of Land Management said the structure had been removed.

A collective called The Most Famous Artist took credit for it and one in California, and is selling replicas for $45,000 (£34,000) each, US media has said.

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