$2m thrown overboard seized by US agents after boat chase

Two bags containing more than $2m (£1.56m) in cash have been seized by US agents in waters off Puerto Rico following a boat chase.

The money was thought to have been thrown overboard and dumped by unidentified people on the vessel who then fled the scene.

Federal agents spotted the two duffel bags, containing over $1m each, and managed to get them before they sank.

The incident happened near the popular tourist island of Vieques, east of Puerto Rico’s main island, US Customs and Border Protection said.

Officials have now released a photo of the money after the seizure close to the American territory last Wednesday.

Air and marine operation agents “detected a vessel, which began to manoeuvre to elude them,” the agency was quoted as saying by the Miami Herald.

“Transnational criminal organisations seek to conceal and move currency from their activities,” said Johnny Morales, director of air and marine operations for the Caribbean branch.

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